Dear valued customer and partners,

Since its establishment in 11 March 1978, PT Jaya Beton Indonesia has been honored to play an important role as a pioneer in the precast concrete industry in Indonesia. Through the years, we have been involved in supporting numerous projects throughout the country across range of sectors; from office and factory buildings to power generator plants, electricity distribution networks, water management systems, breakwater systems, seaports, airports and critical public infrastructures such as roads, bridges, railways and canals.

Concrete is a crucial and important construction material and a key component of industrial chains in every economy in a country. In line with its growth, the Indonesian economy continues to expand and much of the economic development in the country has been underpinned by the increases in the use of precast concrete. Therefore, we believe that our company has a bright future. The 21st century provides the perfect opportunities to pursue more innovative approaches and better results through the concrete industry. Having said that, PT Jaya Beton Indonesia will always continue to offer excellent value to customers by providing high quality products for the construction industry.

We have developed a reputation and we strive to find the best solution to meet clients’ needs as well as taking a great leap forward to be a leader in the precast concrete industry. In order to achieve such target, we perpetually pursue new technological development by using modern and upgraded equipment and method supported by qualified engineers and labors. With this solid foundation of experiences, we constantly maintain our reputation of being one of the leading companies in the field of precast concrete industry.

We would like to express our appreciation and thank you for the support that customers and partners have given to our company up to the present day. We greatly look forward to the continuation of this cooperation and the ongoing relationship into the bright future together.


DR. Ir. Ida Bagus Rajendra, MBA, Ph. D.
President Director